Sports Massage

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Massage is the oldest and simplistic form of medical care. It has many benefits both physical and psychological.

These benefits include:
• Increased circulation
• Muscle/Soft tissue relaxation
• Improved mobility and flexibility
• Mental relaxation
• Reduced aches and pains

Sports Massage is of particular benefit because of the increased demands that sport can put on the body. Most professional sports clubs employ a massage therapist to help their players and athletes get and keep fit.

Pre event massage can be given to help prepare the muscles and other soft tissues for sporting activity. This can help to reduce the risk of injury and prepare the body and mind for sporting activity.

Post event massage is a slower firmer massage that is given after sporting activity to improve circulation and aid recovery.

Deep tissue massage can also be used to ease long term tense and contracted muscles in areas such the neck, lower back and shoulders.
Which can often be caused by work and poor posture.

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